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WHAT IS Junior Innovate?

Junior Innovate is a competition to inspire digital creator mindset and life skills amongst primary school students in preparation for jobs of the future.

  • Students today consume rather than create with technology. They indulge heavily in social media and computer games. 

  • The program provides opportunity for them to create and apply open-source technologies in various fields.
  • In a consuming mode as opposed to creating mode, students lack opportunities to develop life skills — communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • The program provides opportunity for them to invest in developing the projects of their interest. The experiential learning journey nurtures their life skills.

Components in Junior innovate

JI 2019 Technical


  • Embedded system with Scratch programming
  • Complementing schools’ coding class
  • Relating coding to the physical world
JI 2019 Application


  • Realising ideas and learnings
  • Build physical projects incorporating technology
JI 2019 Communication


  • Present their projects
  • A platform to apply English


  • Coding, Embedded System and other related knowledge for Industry 4.0
  • Application of English
  • 21st century teaching skills
  • Exposes students to coding, embedded system and other related knowledge for Industry 4.0
  • A platform for students to apply English
  • Opportunity for students to apply Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Creation of innovative projects annually
JI image
  • Creating awareness amongst parents on the importance of digital making
  • A knowledge that the teachers can take along with them whichever schools they go and continue to create an impact
  • Senior students will be able to guide junior students through the digital maker club platform